Meet Michelle  

meet michelle

Sharing the enthusiasm of painting is my passion.  Enhancing the lives of children and adults by helping them discover the heartfelt joy of putting brush to surface and creating their own masterpiece fulfills my heart and soul.

I am a published artist of 6 decorative painting instruction books and have also been featured in national magazines.  My expertise is in teaching ‘step-by-step’ and helping others find the confidence to explore their own creativity.

Having over 30 years of instruction experience, I have continued to grow more interested in the process, especially the ‘sharing’ of my experience with others.  It is from this passion that Artful Possibilities was born in 2012.  It has been great meeting our community and seeing the change and growth in my guests over the years.

With regular requests for me to go out to schools, events and communities to share my passion, the need to go mobile became apparent.  I am now more mobile, getting out into the community as well as homes.

When you paint with Artful Possibilities, you are painting with an experienced instructor with a proven track record of patient and passionate teaching with attention to detail.

Contact me at 352-277-6581 or to discuss how I can enhance your event by providing this personalized service.