I want to shout from the rooftops about how excited I am to have ventured into being your mobile studio!  I’m having so much fun with this!  I can actually reach MORE people that want to create!

Last week I spent two mornings at a local preschool creating with the kids, and also created with an ‘in-home’ group.  This week, I had the pleasure of painting with 22 residents of a local assisted and independent living facility!  Friday’s class, Lighted Path will be held in our GIME (Garcia Institute of Modern Excellence) classroom! More info provided on request, or check it out here:  https://artfulpossibilitiesspringhill.com/event-registration/?ee=1001

This Sunday I’m off to a local community clubhouse to paint with over 40 sorority members!  They’ll be painting teabag mugs (stay tuned for the posts on that one)!

I’ve been designing and painting NEW NEW NEW colorful paintings for your enjoyment (wait ’til you see tonight’s creation)!  I have quite a few kids birthdays booked up – some are in-home and others will be at GIME (Garcia Institute of Modern Excellence), and you will certainly be starting to see what the inside scoop is on the classroom there!  GREAT clean space, lighting and flooring will make the atmosphere pleasant and bright!

If you have questions about kids or adult parties, private canvas or joining in on one that’s open for general registration, please message me through FB, my site or give me a call at 352-600-7904.


See you ‘Around Town’…