Introducing Artful Possibilities ‘around town’.

The exciting news is that after almost 5 years painting with SO many wonderful members of our community inside Artful Possibilities studios, I have decided to take Artful on a new journey!

As of August 1, 2017, we are going mobile!

What does this mean? Our Art offerings are going to be ‘on wheels’. We can be anywhere and everywhere!

This past year I have had the pleasure to bring Artful to schools, organizations and homes within the community.  As the requests increase, the need for more flexibility is apparent. We will now be able to accommodate smaller private classes and parties as well as large parties in various venues.

We will be offering adult and kids’ get-togethers and in-home parties. Local public classes will be held regularly at GIME (Garcia Institute of Modern Excellence) as well as other locations. We have partnered with other area businesses to bring Artful out ‘INTO’ the community!

Updates will be posted on our FB page and website as we develop various programs based on our community’s needs.

Our storefront will be available to all of you through July 28, 2017 with normal walk-in hours and in-studio classes (currently on the schedule). Guests with open gift certificates, credits, or finished ceramic pottery pieces ready for pick-up – please come by 7/28 to enjoy your time in the studio.

Thanks so much for years of support and artful fun. We look forward to MANY more! See you ‘around town’!